Christmas Gift Guide 2019 - Dogs

Well, this is well and truly long overdue! I am getting this up today though, so that you can get these last minute purchases in before Christmas. If you haven't already, I recommend checkout our 2017 Christmas Gift Guide, as well as our 2019 Adventurer Christmas Gift Guide if you are wanting more inspiration for presents. I made sure to not duplicate anything from these other two posts, and still believe that the 2017 post has great presents within it. It's funny how even two years I go, I still use a lot of those products and swear by them. 

Wild Dog Collars

A big stand out for me over this past year has been Wild Dog, and their amazing collars and leashes. I originally purchased one of their adventure-proof collars in a beautiful blue colour from the Wellington Pet Expo 2018. This made me fall in love with their products. They are so beautiful, stand out on your dogs neck, and are made to last even with the most adventurous pooch. Diego goes in and out of salt water, river water, mud, runs through forests so I need collars that can stand up to that, and these ones most definitely do. Since then, I have purchased a beautiful yellow collar from her at this years Pet Expo. I just love how bold the colours are, and how even if the dog is a bit away, you can clearly see the collar on them. They are also super easy to clean, just a quick wipe down will get even the most stubborn mud and grime off. I would highly suggest gifting these to a friend who owns a dog, or just for a gift for your own dog as they will last, and look remarkable. 

Wolves of Wellington Gear

In our 2017 Christmas Gift Guide, we talked about Wolves of Wellington Bandanas, but I couldn't not talk about their collars, leashes and harnesses. Wolves have come out with an exciting range of their own dog gear, and honestly, I love every print they chose. My all time favourite is definitely the Shaka Print, which is currently on sale, so I would grab this while you can. Also, I am not just saying that because Diego is modelling the harness in the Shaka print. I love how the bright blue stands out on Diego's fur, with the reverse being bright orange. I always get compliments on this set when Diego's wearing it! They do have six other prints as well, which I have at least one product in each of those prints. That's how you know I genuinely mean it when I say I love their products. In their leashes, I really love the adjustable leashes as they have clips on both ends. This makes for easy walking two dogs, tying up the dogs at a cafe or changing the length of the leash while walking. If you are into a more comfortable leash, their normal leashes have the most comfy handle I have ever used. It's actually a dream to hold. They have recently released a Maverick Print which follows the same colour scheme as to why I love the Shaka Print - Blue and Orange. Those are also my go-to colour choices for both Diego and Ollie so I love seeing them decked out in it. 

Omega Plus Fish Treats

At this point I think it would come as no surprise that I am recommended Omega Plus. I adore their products, and swear by them on a daily basis. Diego eats their kibble, all three dogs have the Salmon Oil on their food, and the treats when I am feeling generous. I think any of these products make a great gift because I am yet to meet a dog that doesn't enjoy them, but also, the treats are a bit different from your usual cookies or jerky. My favourite treat does have to be the Whole King Salmon just because watching a dog or cat eat a full fish, with its face still there, just makes me laugh. I also really love the photos that you can get from your dog eating these treats. You can shop the entire Omega Plus range at and if you do, use code DAISYPETS25 to get a further 25% off your order! I know for certain that I will be gifting some Omega Plus this year to my dog owning friends and family!

JeddyBear Tugs and Toys + Paws and Claws Fashion Tugs

Okay, Okay, Okay, I know these are two different businesses, but I love them both equally and they both have a big spot in my heart. They are both making tug toys out of polar fleece, and these are by far some of my favourite tug toys. I originally was gifted one from Mady with JeddyBear Tugs & Toys and since then, have been a firm believer in them. Diego is absolutely obsessed, it is one of his favourite, non-ball toys. Even better, he has learnt to happily play with Ollie with this toy which is a huge deal since he was always very toy aggressive. The stretch of the tug toy allows for it to be a lot more comfortable for both the human and the dog when tugging. With it being polar fleece, it is also soft so if your dog does rip it from your grasp there is no rope burn like other tug toys. I was gifted another tug from Paws and Claws Fashion at the Wellington Pet Expo this year, but this was immediately snaked from my grasp by my friend's Labrador puppy. Just like Diego, Pablo the puppy is crazy for this toy, and has been his favourite ever since. An additional bonus, since Pablo is around younger children, is that they can play with this toy with the puppy. All the points I mentioned above for why I love it, is also the same reason kids can easily play with it as well. I am definitely ordering more of these for myself, and my friends over this Christmas. 

Dog Life Jacket

This one is a weird one, because I do not even own one of these yet. But this is my big thing that I want this Summer for Diego. With all the water activities we have planned, I want to feel a bit more comfortable having Diego join me on kayaks, and SUP boards. This is where a life jacket comes in. Diego is a good swimmer, but why put him at risk if we don't have to. I will be looking at purchasing one from FurtherFaster after Christmas when I get paid. I think they are quite expensive, which would be why it would make a Christmas gift if you received it, however the price would be well worth it if you are near the water a lot. If you know someone that really makes the most of the Summer weather around the water, I would definitely get them one of these.

Hook and Whale Bandanas

These bandanas have been a stand out for me this year, and with very good reason. I love big, chunky bandanas, that tie-up and can withhold even the craziest Diego activities. These meet all those boxes. I love how both Diego and Ollie also fit the same size bandana, so that I can swap them around each dog and they look good on both. I ordered some Christmas print ones this year and I was so excited for them to arrive! She always orders the most amazing fabrics that look great on all dogs, and are different to other bandanas on the market. 

What have you got on your dogs Christmas list? I would love to know what you have purchased so that I can also purchase more products as well ;) 

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  • TRacey

    We love hook and whale,and omega plus salmon oil too.
    Wild dog collars are the best, only a shame that Bentley has such long fur you don’t see them as well

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