Daisy Pets Re-Launch

Welcome to our new and improved website! 

Daisy Pets is the one thing in my life that I seem to have managed to stick to. I started Daisy Pets in March of 2014 as a way to not only share my passion for my pets, but also to express my creativity. I have always loved being creative, as a child I spent many hours creating weird DIYs, writing stories and trying my hand at anything that could be mildly related to art. Becoming an adult, and moving into the corporate world I really lost that creative spark and Daisy Pets was an amazing reason to find it again. I then turned all my spare time into learning about Photoshop, photography and cameras, and once again, writing.

In March of 2014, my pets consisted of my own rabbit and guinea pig, and my boyfriend at the times miniature schnauzer, Asha. Since then a lot has changed, I got a second guinea pig, got a Staffy cross and named him Diego, ditched the boyfriend and Asha, both guinea pigs and rabbit left my life and I moved from Wellington to Whanganui. The only thing that stayed the same within the last five years was Daisy Pets, and continuing to update my content on a fairly regular basis. 

I remember in the first few years I was embarrassed to tell people in my real life that I wrote about my pets online. I imagined that people would judge me, think I was crazy and laugh behind my back about the weird stuff I would write about. I slowly started going to more events in real life, and would sometimes, very shyly, bring up that I had a dog blog. Everyone I told about it was super supportive, and excited for me. This gave me the confidence to tell more people about this strange thing that I done in my spare time. 

Honestly, now I am not embarrassed in the slightest to tell people about Daisy Pets. Recently, on a date (Morgan on a date, a surprise I know!) a guy told me that he had 'found' my blog. It was like he had found some dirty, little secret of mine and was baiting me for a reaction. Which, is weird, since on my personal Instagram I have my domain as the only thing in my bio, and tag DaisyPets whenever I post a photo of Diego so like, well done mate, you can read. A few years ago, this would have made me come up with a variety of excuses, or things to downplay the work I have put into my blog. Instead, I just said 'Yeah, I love blogging and the amazing community I have found. Did you want me to be embarrassed about it, cause I am not going to be.'. Maybe this was an over-reaction, but I realised at that point how we always shy away from expressing ourselves for fear of being shunned. That isn't how it should be. 

Another sticking memory of mine was the first time that Diego was recognised at a dog park. A wonderful lady came up to me and asked me if that was Diego. She had followed us on both Instagram and Facebook and was super excited to see Diego in real life. It was such a surreal experience. After that, I started to meet a lot more people in real life from Instagram and made some amazing connections with other crazy dog people.

It's funny though, as more people started to read my blog and interacted with me, I felt less like sharing my experiences. I suddenly felt the pressure of people reading, and felt like I couldn't just sit down and write whatever I felt like writing. I felt like it had to be planned, had to be perfect with perfect photos, and it had to in some way grow my online presence. Of the 297 blog posts I wrote around 180 of them within 2014, 2015 and 2016. In 2019, I released 16 blog posts, 6 of which were in February alone. I just had lost the spark of Daisy Pets, and lost the will to product content. This was all through my own expectations of what I should be producing, and how perfect my posts should be. 

The weird part of it all was that I always felt like I should be doing something towards my blog, but wouldn't. I was stuck in a terrible cycle where I wouldn't make anything because I didn't have anything perfect to release, so would then do nothing towards content producing, while thinking about how I should be producing. I was in a constant state of stress when 'relaxing' because although I was definitely relaxing, in my brain I was telling myself off constantly for not doing more. It just became something I wish I was doing, but didn't know how to get inspired to do it again. So although in the last year or so, I haven't been consistent at posting at all, I was constantly stressed about Daisy Pets.  

So I stopped. I didn't log into Instagram or Facebook for about a month, and stopped taking my camera on any of my adventures. It was amazing to take a breather and this gave me the opportunity to find out if I really wanted to continue blogging about my dog adventures, and life. It made me realise how much I love content making, love connecting with other dog owners, and love sharing what I get up to. I really love testing out new products so that I can honestly tell people if the product is good or not, and really love people telling me that they purchased something based on our recommendations and that they also enjoy the product. I love people finding cool places to explore, or eat at that allow them to take their dogs. The best thing for me is seeing people just getting excited to do things with their dogs, to go on more adventures, start training, or just spend more quality time. I honestly believe that dogs are part of the family and deserve a much bigger part in people's lives than a lot of people allow them to be. Daisy Pets lets me share amazing ways to do this within New Zealand! 

All that rambling has now put us up to present time, and why Daisy Pets is now relaunching! I decided to ditch Blogger as I hated how slow it was, how it lagged a lot and how it wouldn't really allow for customisations. Now I am using Shopify which means that not only have I been able to fully customise my site, and learn coding while I was at it, but if I ever want to sell merch in the future, it will be easily possible within this website. I really hope you love the new site, and love the easy navigation for you to look around different blog posts we have done and other things we have going on! 

There is also a good reason why I am relaunching on October 1st even though this is literally the busiest, and craziest time for me to relaunch, I couldn't not do it on this date. Firstly, but not as importantly, I love all things October and Halloween and it felt weird to not be around for the spooky season which I enjoy so much. Then, October 1st was actually Daisy's birthday. Daisy was my first dog, and the inspiration for me starting Daisy Pets. It felt fitting to continue to dedicate the blog to all I learnt from that little rat dog. 

With the relaunch we are also going to have a weekly upload schedule, that we will be sticking to! For the next while we will be uploading two blog posts and one piece of video content a week. Video content will be uploaded every Thursday at 8pm on our YouTube channel. You will also easily be able to find a link to this recent video on our homepage of this website. For the blog posts, I will be posting those every Tuesday and Sunday at 8pm. For the next few months, the Sunday blog post will be a throwback post from our other blog. I will be reviving some of my favourite posts that I have made over the last five years that you may or may not have read in the past. I didn't want to lose all the last five years hard work, but also didn't just want to bulk upload all that old stuff so this is an awesome way to do it that they are still out on the cyber webs, but gives more life to them! 

I want to maintain a similar focus that I already have had for Daisy Pets and the content I produce, but make it regular and good quality. I am going to continue to do reviews on products as I love making these, and now days, I don't purchase anything without reading an online review first. On top of reviews, I am going to be covering more walks, hikes and dog-friendly spots, as well as eco-friendly dog tips, training tips, interviews with dog business owners, and a lot on camping/travelling with your dog! For videos, I want to continue making vlogs as these are fun, and I get great feedback from you all on these. As well as vlogs, I want to make more content that has one single focus. The video has a purpose, and that is what is filmed. Less vlog style, more 'professional YouTuber'. I have some awesome content ideas for these and have already started filming a couple of them. 

If you read this far, you are a gem. Because of the gem you are, you deserve a gift. For our relaunch I have decided to purchase some products for a giveaway from some of my favourite brands that have always supported Daisy Pets, and have helped me produce what I have. I honestly love all these brands, and the people behind them. I am constantly inspired by these hardworking people, and their products have made my dog owning life so much cooler. Let me share that with you. They are:

Wolves of Wellington - Win a leash and collar combo, in any of their amazing prints, in your dogs size. 

Bow Wow Boutique - Win a leash and collar combo, in any of their beautiful ribbons, in your dogs size. 

DistriPet NZ - Win Diego's ultimate favourite ball, the Planet Dog Diamond Plate Ball.

Oh My Fluffy Dog - Win a bandana of your choosing from their incredible range. 

Omega Plus NZ - Win three packs of their treats, and their salmon oil for your dog. 

There are so many other brands that I love, and that I think are amazing as well. These are just a few of the ones who have either endlessly supported me, or were there at the very start when I was still a nervous young adult who wanted to express her creative, and animal loving self. All these products have been purchased by me for this giveaway. These brands are very generous and loving, but not only did I want to give back to you guys, I wanted to pay full price for their products as they deserve every dollar. Each product will be in a separate giveaway so there will be five lucky winners!

All you have to do is subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of the page, and write a comment below this blog post on why your pup should win. If you could also include your ranking on which prize you would like (example 1. OhMyFluffyDog, 2. DistriPetNZ, etc) that would be incredible so I can make sure you get a prize that you really want. All the terms & conditions, and other boring rule information can be found here. 

Good luck, and I am so excited to be back. 

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