Diego's Puppy School

This was originally posted on 16th October 2014. 

Diego and I are currently going to some puppy pre-school classes run by the Dog Guru, which is a New Zealand wide dog training company. We were originally on the fence as to whether we should go to a puppy class or not, as Diego knows all the basic skills that you generally learn at these classes. In the end, we did decide to go so that my aunty who owns Diego's brother, Jagger would also take Jagger to learn some important skills. This also meant that Diego and him will get to socialise more together, as well as with other dogs. I am happy we decided to go though, as it is just cementing what we have learnt at home, and it means that we are practicing around other dogs, smells and environments. 

The first day was an overall success, we covered the basics of sit, down and stay. All of these Diego completed fantastically, and basically already knew how to do them. He did get a bit bored in the second half of the day and preferred to wrestle with Jagger than listen to me. 

We also got to meet a range of new dogs, in quite an eclectic mix of sizes. Diego's favourite was the little chihuahua that was next to Jagger. I think he appreciated being the bigger dog for once in his life. 

This class will be run for the next six weeks and I am excited to see how Diego will progress. For now, here are some photos from our first day in class. 


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