Final Update of our 2020 Goals and Resolutions

Oh hey 2021. What a surprise to see you here already. This year has been strange, that is an understatement. It feels like it was both 365 months long, or 365 hours long. To think I started 2020 in Cromwell house sitting, and going on a range of new adventures feels like a lifetime ago. But then, it feels like just yesterday that I moved to Wanaka and that was actually in May. I have had a few ask how I went with my 2020 goals, so here is the final update including how much I spent on dog things which I know is what you all care about the most. If you haven't read it, here is the blog post I wrote at the start of the year with my goals and resolutions. I also made two updates during the year, one in April and the other in July

5. Produce more amazing content

lol. You just have to check how much I have updated the blog and YouTube in 2020 to know this was a fail.

4. Move to Central Otago

Completed in May! I was so happy that I made this exciting, and life changing move. I made this surprise video announcing the move and had only told a couple of people that I was even moving before dropping this bombshell. It has been a wild few months, but I do feel like I have gotten into a boring life routine and am not making the most of being in the region. Hoping to get more done over the Summer months before spending another winter Snowboarding.


3. Hike more

I think with the move to Wanaka this has been a very easy resolution to keep up. While in Whanganui, there was only one good hike spot within an hour radius, and the rest required a lot more driving to get to. Whereas down here, there are multiple options within that one hour radius and even more within two to three hours. I have seen a lot of Central Otago by hiking around it, and even got to complete hikes in Mt Cook National Park, Whanganui, Palmerston North, Tongariro, and Wellington this year.


2. Be more conscious of the impact I have on the environment 

I think I started the year off with the right intentions, but with the move and getting used to a new lifestyle it did slip off. Also paying an extraordinary amount for rent each week when I first moved down here did mean I didn't have the most disposable income. I have been using a wonderful stainless steel coffee cup from Caliwoods, which keeps my coffees hot all day long. It is the perfect road trip cup, and I have found it has even saved me from buying too many takeaway coffees. I just make them at home now. It was also the best cup to take walking on early morning Winter walks. I would 100% recommend this to anyone looking for a new re-usable takeaway cup. 

I also started using a metal razor from Caliwoods in 2020 that my wonderful friend purchased for me. It took a while to get used to, but I wouldn't ever go back now. So much better than constantly adding plastic razors to your waste pile. I did also start using a sanitary cup for those lady things, however I am still on the fence about my thoughts on these. Great for saving money and the environment long term, but I have been having trouble getting used to the experience.

I think my big thing was still plastic takeaway containers and food wrappers or packaging. This is the big one that requires a more conscious effort, and often a bit more money. It is the one I really want to nail down this year and start using less packaging on items I buy. 

1. Spend less money on dog things I don't need

Here is the moment you have all been waiting for, how much have I spent on dog things in 2020. In the July update I had spent $497.89 on dog things including a custom dog bed from Jeddybear Tugs n Toys, a donation to Koala rehab in Australia after the bushfires and giveaway prizes. 

$8.48 - bones and chicken frames. I did buy a few more of these, but they were in shopping orders so I don't know the exact amount. 

$25.80 - Oh My Fluffy Dog. This only counts because OMFD is a dog apparel company, but it was actually just a takeaway cup from them.

$83.20 - DMDT. A whole lot of new toys for Diego, which I did get using TheDustyDingo's discount code, so this was a great price! 

$24.50 - Wolves of Wellington. A new collar in the Penny Print.

$39.50 - Wild Dog. The green collar that I have been lusting over since I first saw it and spent month convincing myself not to buy it. I decided to treat myself because I loved it so much. 

That brings our total from July to December to a nice $181.48, and then the total for the year at $679.37. I can't believe I went from 2019 spending $2,747.31 and now have quartered that in 2020. I probably didn't need to buy two new collars, but after this year, it was nice that I could treat myself and Diego to a few new things. I also haven't bought toys in a while, and when I saw that DMDT were having a 50% off sale I couldn't resist. This year I do need to buy Diego a life jacket so that we can go on Kayak adventures but I don't think I need to buy any new collars or bandanas. Maybe one will jump out, we will see. 


I think overall I done really well at sticking to my goals for 2020. I think I was smart when I originally made them and didn't make impossible goals, or too many of them. I stuck with achievable goals that were just life changes rather than things that were only going to last for that one goal and then slip off. Next week I am going to post my 2021 Goals and Resolutions and when writing them I remembered how well these went. So do not expect life changing goals, but honestly a couple of them are quite exciting! Please let me know how you got on with your 2020 goals and if you work out how much you spent I would also love to hear that. To keep up the communication please do so on Instagram or Facebook. I remember last year thinking my nearly three grand was a lot, and then I would hear others totals. 

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