Halloween Bark Bag

Good evening! I realise it is November, and that I have already put up my Christmas decorations, but I felt like I still had to share the Halloween Bark Bag. We did do a video of our unboxing if you would like to see the video format. Obviously the box is Halloween themed, but if you do enjoy the concept of a themed box for your dog they will also have Christmas ones that you can order.

Bark Bag is a New Zealand based subscription dog box that sends out a box of toys and treats every month. We don't sign up for the monthly box as I already am swamped with treats and do not need any more in my life. I always seem to order just their themed boxes, and have previously had a Birthday and Christmas box. The themed boxes, including the Halloween one are $49 with free shipping, and are sent when they are ordered. The packs all include a selection of treats, and a toy that is specifically chosen with your pup in mind. When you order a box, you go through a selection process of what your dog likes. You can chose the type of toys (chase, chew, snuggle) and treats (training, baked, chew) that your dog likes. This way you don't end up with products that you or your dog won't enjoy. In Diego's case, I chose all the options apart from baked treats and snuggle toys as these aren't my favourite for him.

Firstly, we got these dried chicken necks. These are Bark Bag branded, and come in their classic plain black plastic packaging. I used to get chicken necks a lot when Diego was a puppy, and haven't really had them in ages so I was excited to find these in the box. I love adding these necks into Kongs, and other treat toys as they are a good size to make the toy harder, but not impossible. Since they are dried they are also super easy for the dogs to crunch, and don't require too much chewing to devour. 

I absolutely love the packaging of these little Halloween pouches! I think it's such a cute and quirky way to package what is a quite ugly treat. In this orange Happy Halloween one we have a venison mix of cheek, gullet and neck meat. In our photoshoot Chico ended up eating most of these, and he was crazy obsessed. I have never him want to be that into a photoshoot before.

In the purple Happy Halloween package there was liver treats. These were thicker than some of the other liver we have had previously which made it more difficult to break into smaller pieces. These were a good treat for making the dog realise they had had a treat though, as it required a bit of chewing to get through. Once again, Ollie and Chico devoured this container of treats during the photoshoot and we well loved.

Next up was this deer clod bone. I have never fed Diego a bone like this, and he loved it. The bone still had pieces of some dried meat, or skin, or something on it which looked disgusting but made Diego spend ages trying to chew it all off. This bone did stink though, so just bear in mind if you want a dog with nice smelling breath steer clear of this one. 

A typical pig trotter. I don't really have much to say on this as it is pretty standard. Diego does like and enjoy pig trotters and it is always to get them in a box as I use them when camping to keep Diego entertained for half an hour or so. 


Diego absolutely adores salmon, and usually we get the Omega Plus salmon which these are similar to. They are full fish, which makes for hilarious photos, and creeps people out when you pull them out to feed to your dogs. They also can be enjoyed by cats! 

The toy we got is exactly the type of ball that we enjoy. It not only is a solid rubber ball that bounces, and is easy to throw for fetch, it has a hole so that you can add treats inside. The holes are quite small, and we had to put Diego's kibble in it one piece at a time. If you have a bigger dog, or a bigger kibble this would not work at all. That kind of put me off using it as a kibble toy, but still makes a great fetch ball for down at the dog park. It also can stand up to Diego's chewing, and I would say the material is quite comparable to a Kong.

All in all, I absolutely adored the Halloween box and really recommend Bark Bag if you are wanting to treat your dog, or want to try new products/treats that you may not have seen before. The fact they deliver straight to your doorstep makes them super easy and convenient. I love how customisable they are for your dogs preferences, and they always put in 10/10 effort on the packaging. This would also make the best Christmas present for a dog owner in your life.  


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