Life in Wanaka

Hello. I am lazy and bad at keeping up with my own life, so therefore haven't communicated via blog post properly for years. Do I say for the hundredth time that I will be better and get better, or do I just do it and then we can talk about it? We shall see if I continually post after this, or if this is a once in a three monthly thing.

Anyway, if you keep up with our YouTube Channel you would have seen that we moved to Wanaka. In that video, you will see the whole process of deciding to move, finding out I got accepted for a house, packing the car and the actual move itself. I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't already. I made a story board and everything for that vlog since it was filmed over many weeks! 

Since moving to Wanaka my life has been 100% hectic. Getting used to a new area is a crazy experience, and then triple that craziness when it is an area as beautiful as Wanaka. To be honest, I have never lived this far away from my family before, and I didn't know how I would cope with it. At this stage, a month and a bit in, I miss them a lot, but I wouldn't go back to the North Island even if someone paid me to. 

So I thought I would update you all on my thoughts, and experiences that I have lived through for this past month. I have been fully engaged in living in the moment so have done a heap of new things that I didn't vlog, or even get my phone out for. So here is a quick re-cap of things I have done this far: 
p.s photos are at end of blog post

  • Met up with Kobe for a walk up Remarkables to Lake Alta
    This is one of the best benefits of living in Central Otago is being close to the amazing Becki and Kobe. Diego really does appreciate Kobe and they are getting better and better at hanging out together. 
  • Had a pizza night with Becki and Lu
  • Had a dumpling and wine night with new friends
    Yes, I have already made new friends in Wanaka and they are a bloody good bunch. Super interested in hiking, adventuring, exploring and doing cute dinner nights! 
  • Went to a Silent Disco
    I wish I could give you more information about this one, but I got rather drunk and don't remember too much of it. There is another one this weekend that I am quite nervous to go near since both times I have been to a Silent Disco I got way too drunk. 
  • Went to Mt Cook and done a sunrise hike + Hooker Valley walk
    This was freaking incredible. We drove up on Friday afternoon and camped at the Mt Cook carpark. I tried out astrophotography for the first time in many years, and then hiked up the Sealy Tarns track for sunrise. Had a coffee at the top, and then went back to the camp spot for breakfast. Met up with some friends to then casually walk the Hooker Valley track. Such a beautiful place and will be back! Of course, dogs are not allowed here so Lu looked after Diego for the weekend. 
  • Flew to Milford Sound in a small plane
    I never thought I would say that I took a small plane on a scenic flight from Wanaka to Milford Sound but here we are. My new flatmate is a pilot for Southern Alps Air and took me on a trip. I highly recommend this flight and company. The view is completely different to that you would get driving, and you get to fully appreciate the wonderful nature that New Zealand holds. If you do go through Southern Alps Air, please ask for Pilot Mike! 
  • Hiked up Rocky Mountain
  • Hiked up Mt Iron multiple times
    This hike isn't too hard, but is a staple of being in Wanaka. Definitely recommend this for a quick outing that gets the heart going. 
  • Explored the area and heaps of new streets of Wanaka
  • Went to Snow Farm
    And it was closed. 
  • Moved in and lived with flatmates
  • Purchased all the gear for snowboarding + new desk
    For those on Instagram, I know you have heard all about the desk. It has been a long awaited parcel, and I am super glad it is here. It is an electronic standing desk and it is BEAUTIFUL. 
  • Got two new discount codes for Omega Plus and Vetty
    YES! While I have been lazy and not posting I have got some awesome new deals for you.
    For Omega Plus, you can use the code DIEGO20 on for 20% off all Omega Plus products. I highly recommend this as this makes there kibble and treats even cheaper than usual. 
    For Vetty, you can use the code DAISYPETS you will also get a 20% discount off your subscription which will make what is already cheaper flea and worming treatments even cheaper. I will be doing a full blog post on my thoughts on Bravecto and Vetty in the coming weeks. 

For the next few months, I plan to continue to hike, camp and explore a lot. I have also purchased a mountain pass for Cardrona so will be snowboarding as much as I can to make up for the ridiculous cost of buying that. I really want to drive to Milford Sound to really take in the journey there via car. I want to do Mt Cook again while it is Winter and more snowy. I wouldn't mind going to Dunedin with Diego to explore down there and maybe catch a rugby game. I would love to head across to Christchurch to catch up with everyone again as well.

 Diego & Wanaka Tree

Morgan at Sealy Tarns

Astrophotography at Mt Cook

Sunrise at Mt Cook

Kobe and Diego

Diego and Kobe

Southern Alps Air Plane

Southern Alps

Flight to Milford Sound

Diego and Morgan modeling

 Diego at Lake Wanaka

Morning Walks

So that catches us all up, let's see if I see you again this June :P 

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