OG Omega Plus Salmon Treats

If you have followed us for any length of time you will know that Diego eats Omega Plus kibble, and thrives on it. I found this post and thought it would be awesome, and quite funny to look back on my first Omega Plus review that I done on this day, three years ago. I love looking back on things like this to see not only how my photography and writing has progressed in three years, but also how this amazing brand has evolved. I believe this was from their first launch, or at least very early on in their business so it's cool to see the old school packaging. Without further ado, here is the OG Omega Plus Salmon Treat review.

Hey! I recently started noticing Omega Plus Treats coming up on other New Zealand Instagram accounts and knowing how much Diego thrives on fish treats I was intrigued. I contacted them to see where I could purchase some in the North Island, and was lucky enough for them to send Diego and Chico a gift pack before Christmas.

Omega Plus Pet Food is a New Zealand company that is a division of New Zealand King Salmon which has been sustainably farming the king salmon species in the Marlborough Sounds for over 20 years. Omega Plus offers food and treats for both cats and dogs using human grade fish cuts as the main or only ingredient. King Salmon species has the highest natural oil content of all salmon and contains a naturally rich source of healthy long chain omega 3-s. Also contains vitamins A, B12 and D, as well as high-quality protein, niacin and thiamine.

We received the King Salmon Fins and Tails treats which is literally just the fins and tails chopped from the fish. These have been freeze dried, with no preservatives added. I gave Diego a tail as his first treat, which he happily chomped down. I wish I could give you a close up of these, or even a photo of Diego with them, but the day Diego got that first tail, he loved it so much he tracked down the packet. I came home from work and found the resealable pouch destroyed around the yard, and some scales scattered around to show what he had been up to. Diego is not generally one to get into mischief while I am at work so it is a big deal for him to scout these off the bench to enjoy.

The fins are super unusual looking, with it literally being a fin cut off the fish. They are of a decent size, big enough for it to take a couple of minutes for Diego to eat. They would also suit any sized dog as they wouldn't be a choking hazard for larger breeds. A great thing about these treats, compared to other fish treats we have tried, is that there is minimal mess. There is no leftover scales on the floor, and if there is, they are delectable enough for Diego to lick them up. The great thing about the packaging on these treats is that the plastic is made from a thick plastic, to keep majority of the scent out, and it has a resealable closure to keep them fresh after opening.

We also received a container of their King Salmon Oil which I have been putting on the dogs food. Diego absolutely adores the oil, and goes crazy when he sees me getting it out. I have been putting a couple squirts on his breakfast most mornings and have noticed a difference in his coat. It is a lot softer, and quite glossy. Mum has been giving Chico the oil as well, and has noticed similar results. Fish oil is a great supplement to any dogs meal times, as it contains Omega-3 and 6 which is great for skin, coat and joint mobility. The 300ml size is also perfect, as it contains roughly 125 doses which will last a couple of months depending on the size of your dog and how often you are supplementing.

A big thing I find with fish treats and oil is the smell, and the grease. I don't like touching the packets, or the actual product as I can't seem to remove that fishy smell. Sorry to break it to you all, but these products are no different. You will need to scrub your hands thoroughly after going anywhere near these. As for Diego, I haven't noticed any lingering bad breath due to the fish. Straight after he has gnawed on a treat might be different, but after a little while his breath is back to normal.

I would definitely recommend trying these treats, especially if your dog is fond of fish like Diego. I am going to be going out to buy more when they hit stores near us. They make a great treat to give when you are leaving the house, or just to keep your dog occupied for a few minutes. The fish oil is a absolute treat, and at a cheaper price than typical fish oils, it is one that I will be repurchasing when we run out.

Main content within this blog post, including images were created in January of 2017. Introduction is the only current writing. I did not edit, or adjust any of the photos or words for this throwback review.

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