Smackbang Spooky Snacks

I. Love. October. 

Mainly my love for October comes from my love of Halloween. It's a weird love for Halloween since New Zealand has never been huge on celebrating such a holiday. I think in recent years it has become a bigger deal than when I was younger, and I am all for it. 

Recently, Smackbang Store has started baking their own dog cookies, and cupcakes. After baking a lot of my own dog treats, I really appreciate how gorgeous Amelia makes her treats. They are all super cute, colourful, and look like they could be made for human consumption. I went into the store to catch up with Amelia, and look around and could not resist picking up some of her treats! Today's post will be all about the beautiful Spooky Snacks that she has made, in a jack-o-lantern** and ghost shape. 


These Halloween cookies are made from the same ingredients as their Coconut Bones, sans the icing, which on their website shows the ingredients list as rice flour, coconut flour, coconut oil, SPCA approved eggs, honey, yoghurt powder, tapioca starch, Greek yoghurt, coconut, natural food dye*. After talking with Amelia about the creation of her bakery goods, I know that she has put a lot of time and research into finding the best ingredients to use. 

These treats are definitely what you would consider a cookie, and are a similar consistency to how you would find a cookie for humans. Not too hard, not too soft and break easily. This makes them great to use as a training treat for any sized dog as you can break them into smaller, bite size portions. Chico decided that this smaller portion size thing wouldn't work for him though, and would eat the cookie whole. All three dogs nibbled these down with gusto, and enjoyed them and the Coconut Bones a lot. For a few days there, this was their only training treat and you could tell that Ollie would have liked this to continue for a bit longer. 

Let's be honest here, Diego isn't that fussy of a dog. He will eat anything. The real problem with him is that his body likes to react to different foods by coming out either end, quite quickly. A bit of TMI for your Tuesday. However, I have noticed no difference with Diego after eating a couple of these treats for the past few days. His stools are still perfect, and he hasn't vomited once. That means these definitely get my tick of approval.

The main thing about these treats is how cute they are though. The cookie cutters** that Amelia chose spoke to my 'I love Halloween, but also cute' aesthetic very well. These would be perfect for any dog related Halloween parties, or to send as a gift to your friends that may also love dogs and Halloween. Possibilities are endless! 

Speaking of which, if you want to try some of these, leave a comment down below. Please comment the coolest Halloween costume idea you can think of for Diego and I. I will chose the best one to send out a pack of Spooky Snacks to! 

I 100% recommend trying these treats out if you get the chance. If you don't live close enough to pop into the Smackbang store, you can also buy their cookies online and have them delivered to your doorstep! Honestly, I think I might have to do that cause I need more of these as soon as possible. 


 *This ingredient list is directly from Smackbang's website and contains ingredients that are used to create the icing on the coconut bone cookies. This means that some of the ingredients will not be included for the Halloween Cookies.

**Since writing this review, I have been informed that the jack-o-lantern cutter has unfortunately gone to cutter heaven so will no longer be available in the pumpkin shape.

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