Terms and Conditions

  • Giveaway will end at 12.00pm on Friday the 18th of October. 
  • Giveaway winners will be drawn and announced at 5.30pm on Friday the 18th of October. 
  • Giveaway winners will be drawn at random, one by one. 

The first giveaway winner will get the first prize that is on their list. Following the first winner, if the next winner that is drawn has a different first prize on their list, they will get their first prize. If it matches that of the first drawn, their second option will be picked. This will be repeated until the fifth winner is drawn, this winner will get whatever the remaining prize is. 

I will be announcing winners on Facebook, Instagram and will send out a group email with the winners. If the prize is not claimed by the 22nd of October, I will draw a new winner for that prize. 

Giveaway prizes includes shipping within New Zealand. If you live outside of New Zealand, additional shipping costs will be at your own expense. If you are outside of New Zealand, please specify this in your comment as you will not be able to win the Omega Plus NZ prize. 

This giveaway is at Daisy Pets' own expense, and none of the brands within the giveaway are part of this giveaway. 

Once a winner has been contacted we will discuss shipping options, and if winning the Bow Wow Boutique, Wolves of Wellington and Oh My Fluffy Dog prizes we will discuss prints, and sizes with you to make sure we are getting a product that can work for you and your dog. 

Omega Plus NZ prizes will be sent from Pet.co.nz

By entering the giveaway, you authorise us to collect your address, and contact details for us to purchase the products from the brands that are within the giveaway. These will all be being sent directly from the brands so they will get your address from me ordering the shipment to your address.